Interesting concept for camping shelter.....

The REI flagship has a Cricket parked in the entrance lobby, checked it out a couple weeks ago and thought it was cool enough to investigate more online -- not cheap, you're looking at upwards of $20k with all the options. Did some more checking and came across the R Pod. Curious if anyone knows more about these and other ultra-light trailer options. Seems a lot more functional than the good old tent trailer, but definitely more spendy.



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Mark, that Olympe looks like somebody's wet dream-an erector set on steroids. Too many pieces. The Cricket is cool but rather ungainly. It looks like it would match up well with a Toyota Tundra Crew Cab. They both look like their frames are bent. At a starting price of almost $17K everything in them is an added extra and by the time it is well equipped for actual use it looks like over $20K for a marginally comfortable unit.

The R-pod looks really cool and would probably tow like a dream. It doesn't need a Belchfire V-8 to drag it around and has enough amenities to be useful for a few days out. It appears to be a well thought out package with quite a bit of storage. Quite a step up from the popup metal teepees and seemingly not a hell of a lot more money. I could spend a lot of happy hours in one of those!


Greg Armstrong

We had an R-Pod model 171 for a couple of years and sold it this fall.
It was a good little rig, but the curves fore and aft make for minimal usable interior space. And the windows were too small for us as well - a drag when the weather was bad. We dragged it all over the place fishing and camping - from California to Alberta and everywhere in-between.
At about the same weight but with a shorter length, we replaced it with one of these. It feels literally twice as big inside with the huge windows and the slideout - a lot more comfort (and better quality). It's a Lance 1575.

Peyton; it took us to our late 50's to get a trailer. Swore I never would, but boy is it nice to be comfy, dry and warm. And have a happy wife!
Mark; Used R-Pods go for $10K or less - not too bad.
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Mark Walker

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That Lance is a very nice little rig. They are a bit pricey though.

This a clip of a Jayco fifth wheel identical to ours except ours is a 21.5 Super Lite (SL) The one in the clip is an SD. I do not know what SD denotes. I believe ours is considerably less weight than 4000GVW stated.
Lots of comfort/storage in ours.

Jerry Daschofsky

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As a kid my parents had a Sears tent trailer. Was a 50s/60s vintage. Folded out like top trailer, but not as big or complicated. Was duck cloth. Had plenty of storage, the trailer itself was a big bed with storage under neath. Wish i had it. I'd use it all the time.

For cost and amount of set up you may as well buy a wall tent and a cargo trailer. You'd still have a ton of money left over to buy gear. Or better yet buy a new drift boat, the wall tent, and gear and stow in drift boat on trips. You'd still have money left over. ;-)
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Alex MacDonald

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Ours is a Forest River Rockwood 122BH A-frame popup, new out the door at almost $15K, with AC/heat pump, hot water, furnace, 3 burner stove, microwave, fridge, porta potti, outside shower, gas BBQ on the outside, AM/FM CD player, inboard water filter and pressure reducer, queen size heated mattress, and puts up in about 60 seconds. loaded weight is just a little over 2K pounds

and I have to admit, it's super comfortable, Tows very well, and yes, it's that easy to set up... I love it!

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
When I compare that Trigano tent thing to my Rockwood, it's kind of a joke! I wasn't kidding about setup time-takes longer to put down the stabilizer jacks than it does to put up the walls & roof. We'll have it this weekend at the Moses Lake Rock shoot archery event. I forgot to add though, that it's wise to go for the steel platform in front, supported by the trailer frame. I can put several WaterMasters and ice chests on it, or campfire wood, or bikes, or a host of other stuff, so it adds nicely to the hauling capacity.

We also decided to get the tent that'll attach to the side of the trailer. If you do this, you'll need industrial-strength velcro to put on the sides, but we've had the tent up in pouring rain at Burlington, and it never leaked a drop. I put a plastic sheet down, then put some astroturf over that, as well as a doormat. A little "buddy" heater, and it's nice and cozy. Gotta come up with a decent gun rack though!

Greg Armstrong

Those Aussie's know how to live!
I've got an Australian designed espresso machine... it's awesome.
Have to give the Australians credit for their ingenuity. But I don't know what the guy's talking about when he says it's made out of....
"aluminium" !! :D