Never too Cold


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Tough to say if it's worth it some days. I got out on Wednesday, but it was pretty frustrating with the icing guides. Forgot my Pam! Shoving the rod in the water works for a cast, but it's annoying. I did manage to land a BIG chum with sea lice, two bookend 23" bulls, and a 17" cutt. Go figure. No steel, but it's cool to have a day when you have no idea what you're going to find on the end of your line.

Jim Ficklin

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I've worked outdoors in this crap all week. As much as I love to fish & hunt, I'm thawing out indoors today. It was so cold yesterday with the wind blowing that we had to bring conversations inside to thaw so we could hear what was said. Maybe Karl is on to something by heading south . . .
A friend wanted me to go with him and his friend, so I was along for the ride, i ended up being their tour guide. I have no complaints, it was a nice day with no wind and some sunshine. The river has coho.
Peyton00, Nice quote!!!!!!
Not the one about the coho, the one about the winds of change!
Seven degrees standing in the Sauk yesterday morning. Was the coldest I've ever fished and I don't recommend it. I could make it three minutes before my guides were completely frozen. And…no fish.