SBS Blanton's Flashtail Whistler SBS


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Another one from Dan Blanton, tied here in fire tiger colors. I believe the fly got it's name from the sound it made flying through the air; with a weighted shank (optional), it'd be nice to hear that thing coming so you'd have time to duck.

hook - Mustad 3407 #4
thread - Danville flatwax chartreuse
eye - bead chain gold
tail - bucktail hot orange/chartreuse/green
flashtail - Flashabou gold/copper
topping - peacock herl
shoulder - grizzly hackle dyed orange
collar - chenille hot orange
hackle - chartreuse

mash barb, start thread behind eye and tie in bead chain eyes; wrap back to bend

tie in a clump of orange bucktail (about 2x shank length)

tie in about 25-30 strands of Flashabou; leave them long

tie in chartreuse bucktail

repeat with green

tie in shoulders (I used 2 per side)

tie in peacock (not standard on the pattern, but I like how it looks with FT colors)

tie in chenille and wrap collar 1/2 distance to the eyes

tie in hackles (doubled up to densify)

wrap hackle forward to eyes, tie off/whip finish, trim flash (let it extend about 1"), SHHAN



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Very nice SBS. I've started using a flashtail in many of my salt flies.
I think at times it makes quite a bit of difference in the hookup ratio.