Thinking crappie yet?

Reminds me when my father used to tell me stories of my grandpa. We originally grew up in St Louis Missouri, and my Grandfather fished for Crappie so much that from what I understand that is what my Dad grew up eating as a child in Missouri. My Dad says its actually pretty good. He did say it is a boney fish.
I grew up just south of St.Louis, on the Illinois side. We fished the Mississippi for catfish and when we got lucky, a trip to Craborchard Lake near Carbondale would yield some blue gill and crappie.

Last time I visited family, my cousin and I fished Cedar Lake near Anna Jonesboro. Caught a bunch of spiney rays. What fun on light gear.

Ive is correct. Fillets are bone free and right up there with the halibut and perch. I have never tried Walleye, but would love to correct that issue this summer. Walleye are pretty much a gear proposition, but I am no purist.
Crappie bugs. These are basic leech patterns tied on a jig hook with a bead. If you need to get down more add some wire. Just like bluegill flies they don't need to be fancy or exact. I've fished bluegills and crappies for over 50 years and still love the fishing and the fish fries.

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Love Crappie, best eating fish around. I grew up in Arkansas and my grandparents fished for crappie religiously. A lot of night fishing with a floating headlight to attract fish and bugs. My grandfather had the state record for awhile 4 lbs 7 oz, then a few years later my uncle beat him out with a 4 lb 12 oz catch. Not sure what the record is now, been gone a looong time.


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I will miss the crappie fishing here in Nebraska after I move. They are fun to catch on a fly rod and are some good eating. I will have to look for some crappie lakes after i get settled in Washington.
You guys have done two things. Whetted my appetite for spiny ray fishing and proven that there are other fish in the water besides trout. WDFW is getting better about it, but still have a long way to go to realize the full potential of these fish.

I am stroking my 2 wt rod and line and thinking of hitting some of the wet side lakes. Be a while before I can get to the dry side to wet a line.
A question for those that are crappie and bluegill tamers, I am thinking of taking my 2 wt rod and up lining to a 3 wt line.

Do you think this is a good idea?


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Sweet! I'm going to buy some jig hooks at the shop today! And some foam for a SBS I saw in the Fly Tying forum. I want to get out for crappie and bluegill this year... and get my niece out as well..
The rod is a sage blank and was marked 2 wt. would like to try a 3 wt line to see if it balances the rod better.

The 2 wt works but I am one of those guys that I have to fix it even if it isn't broken.