B.C. boating requirements?


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Years ago I towed and used a motorized boat in B.C. but don't remember what was required.
I'm wondering what the current laws are regarding crossing and using motorized and non-motorized
boats in interior B.C. (pontoons, prams, rafts, drift and motorized boats)
Trying to plan ahead in case I get a wild hair.
Any help appreciated.


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I take my cataraft across the border a few times a year (fully assembled on a trailer) and have never run into problems. Can't comment on motorized crafts though.


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Do as Freestone suggests. The border guards won't say anything for it is not their concern. There are lawmen who are very interested in your certifications, and documentations once you are on the water and they will flat nail your hide to the wall. Having experienced the considerable and intensive interest of some police officials let me assure you it is not a pleasant experience.