On Call Steelhead

David Dalan

69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E
So today I was on call and had to run in to work to swap out some UPS, break the network and eventually fix the systems at one of our facilities. I knew it was coming, but when the stars align (temps, flows and cloud cover), I'd still rather be fishing.

So I took a run out this afternoon to the local water in hole. First place was full of people. Maybe I am sharing too much. Couple of fellows swinging flies. Kind of surprised me, if I am honest. Got nutting in the first location so I bounce to the backup location.

Tromped through the woods, huffing and puffing like a rhino in heat. Saw a ton of deer, and it crossed my mind I should learn to bow hunt as its legal here and the place is dirty with bucks. But I digress.

I hit the hole that coughed the little wild girl last week and on the third or fourth cast...MONEY.

Little bigger this time, still caught using "barely flyfishing" tactics (a term I use, not making fun of anyone). Went airborne, and I had to tighten the drag. Few seconds on her side and she was off like a shot.