SBS Derek's Marabou Damsel


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A little bit more involved than Kaufmann's but not much.

hook - Dai Riki 270 #10
thread - MFC 8/0 light olive
tail - marabou olive
body - marabou olive
rib - copper wire x-fine
legs/wing case - marabou olive
eyes - 25lb Amnesia/green glass beads

mash barb, attach thread

the eyes have it

tie in ribbing and wrap back to hook barb

measure marabou (hook gap length past bend) and tie in

wrap butt ends forward, forming body

wrap rib

assume the ventral position; measure another marabou feather for length and tie in

rightside up, pull marabou butts over top, tie down behind eyes; half hitch x2, SHHAN, trim wing case