Fish Bum Vol I: Mongolia

Put in FB V1 tonight as I tied some flies. I have seen it so many times that I actually don't need to watch it the entire time, but I just like having it on in the background. Periodically I turn and watch my favorite sections, such as the biting hoppers, "if you cut any more the yak will be ugly", the Nancy Boy lipstick prank, milk vodka, and of course many of the hook-sets.
I like many of the movies that have come out, but for some reason I just never get tired of Mongolia. If any of the guys associated with it are still around, thanks for many hours of enjoyment!

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
Hey Mike what are some good trout movies?? Ones with moving water and apt of dry fly action?? I ask because you haven't sent me in the wrong direction yet!:)