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Mike, it's still open so I'll put your name down. We've now met the eight tyer minimum so the swap is officially a "go". For anyone else considering joining this swap, I'll keep it open until 15 February or until we reach the 12 tyer maximum, which ever comes first.
I haven't had time to sit down at the vise, maybe this weekend. What's everybody tying up? I have a couple ideas in mind, but haven't decided just yet.

Mike Cline

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I was thinking of either some baby Clouser minnows or this other "bug--mash-up-thing-with-no-name" I tie that works well... Probably go with the latter.


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Hey guys, I'm sorry to drop out at such a late date but I have too much on my plate right now to give this swap the attention it deserves. But from what I've seen so far it should be a dandy swap.



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Ive I took you off, Kevin your in.

I'll go ahead and close this swap with the eight tiers. Everyone send in seven flys each with a SASE by 15 April. My address will be sent out via PM. Thanks again to those who joined.
My partner and I were fishing a lake in the Pan Handle of Idaho for trout. We saw some fish rising and rowed over and tossed a dry fly. We caught crappie, then we switched to wooley buggers and caught trout using a sink tip. Crappie on the surface and trout below from the same anchored spot. We got into quite a few fish and kept about 15 or more crappie for food. Little crappie fillets are good eating. Crappie on the surface and trout below, we thought that strange. I had always been taught that crappie ate primarily baby fish but they will take a dry fly on occasion.
One of the reasons I love fishing Hutchinson Lake so much is never knowing what you'll find on your hook when you bring it in. Last summer with a small popper, three casts resulted in a bluegill, a crappie and a bass. Even more entertaining is throwing a small dropper under a popper. They'll hit one fly causing the other to twitch, then something will attack the other as well.