My short Skagit Season

Well it was done for me on Thursday afternoon - I fished about 7 days including the half days added in there. Fishing to me was "January slow" brief pushes of fish, finding some juicy areas they should be living in and getting to fish a high water event was nice - since our weather and water have not been good to us - it was hard fishing. I don't like fishing in January, never did in the days of the CnR season - I duck hunted until the end of January and then started fishing around Valentines day. I have learned a thing or two since we have only had January to fish the Skagit since 2010 - its helped me and my fishing.

I got a very nice three salt doe and a bonked a hatchery doe - those were the only two I landed. I missed a couple of good grabs and my buddy lost two the second to last Wednesday of the season. My other buddy landed a nice little wild doe our last Thursday and he ended up landing four in January. So there were some fish around - but like all January fishing they are few and far between with fishing a swung fly. With low water conditions and cold temps - its hard to get too excited. I hope they open the CnR fishery next season -
Occupy Skagit - March 29th


Chris Bellows

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nice report. haven't fished the skagit since the late 90's and have always wanted to get back there. i'll have to make a trip back someday. hopefully in the spring but if not january will have to do.
Nice fish Chris, from what I was hearing it's been pretty slow, nice to see some fish are around. I only fished a couple days this year in the Nookie, so I snuck out for a few hours in the morning on the last day. My Nephew was going to fish my favorite run so I took the run below him and his buddy. Started @ daylight, first time through with my go to black and blue fly for one small bull. Second time through with black and orange and a player jumped on it. After 3 good runs and some good surface work he came unbuttoned about 15 feet from me. The fish hit almost strait out from me so I may not have gotten a good hook set, but no matter it was a blast and well worth the effort. I've hooked fish on the last day three years running now, I think there are more fish in that river then they think. If we ever get a cnr season, I think it will be pretty good.

Charles Sullivan

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I have fished less than 2 total days for winter fish so not surprisingly, no fish for me. It's over now and I am planning a March trip, maybe Vancouver Island. It's tough not really having any local options. Steelheading almost always means a trip now. Camping, whiskey and Canadians.

Go Sox,
Good report. I think I had a few less days than you buddy. A jack might count for some but not for me. I'm turning in an 0-fer for 2014 - first in 10 years...

Hawks won tho which is a nice consolation prize

Had fun with you on the water bud. need more of those days....