Neo Waders

Hi All:

( . . . this is my first post to this forum, so I apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong place . . . I didn't know where to start this thread)

I want to get a pair of neoprene boot foot waders, as my old bones and circulatory system are starting to cooperate less than they did 20 years ago. I've been looking for a pair of old Simms online but haven't had any luck. So, I'm giving a lot of thought to the L.L. Bean West Branch 5.5 mm ones, but I need to figure a way to put felt and studs on them. I've thought of taking a grinder to the soles to flatten them, then gorilla glue felt onto the rubber, and then hit the soles with a bunch ( . . . a bunch!) of sheet metal screws. I simply don't know how long that would last though. Does anyone know of a process for doing such a thing that you've found to hold up pretty well, or is it even possible? Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated.


Old Man

Just an Old Man
Welcome here. Why not just get the breathable ones and layer your clothing. The light ones are easy to walk in and don't wear you out walking in them. I'm also old but I don't waste my time on heavy stuff. Got to save your strength for fishing.

David Loy

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I have a pair of Simms boot foot neos for winter fishing and they are great. With a wooden DB I didn't want studs, but I have a pair of these "strap ons" and they work very well. Not sure what they're called but can check. You might look for them.