7126 TCX vs 7126 Method?


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Has anyone had an opportunity to cast both sticks? Just curious in terms of how they stack up and most of the reviews seem understandably just geared towards selling stuff.
I own the TCX, and had a chance to cast the Method a few weeks ago.It had the new Rio Scandi, and the new ConnectCore running line. I wasn't able to cast them side by side, so a direct comparison is tough. First impression of the Method is, it feels light. Lighter than my TCX, and felt lighter than my VXP 6129 I was fishing that day. Casting, it feels softer than the TCX, but by no means a slow/soft rod. Tip to butt, there feels like lots of power in the Method. The light feel is still there when you cast it. The TCX is a different animal. It feels heavier, and it feels more powerful than the Method. In simple terms, the Method felt like a light, powerful 7wt. The TCX feels like a strong 8wt.

As a side note, I cast the One 7126 and Method 6126 the same day as the Method 7126. The 6126 is a sweetheart. Probably my favorite rod out of the ones I cast that day. The One 7126 is effortless to cast. Lighter feeling action than the Method 7126, and it seemed to cast itself.