ultralight float tube for backpacking fishing

A recent customer of Wilderness Lite who purchased the Backpacker Pro ultralight float tube posted an independent video and written review of the ultralight float tube on YouTube. For those who might be interested in a float tube to carry in a backpack to remote mountain lakes, here is the Link:


Regarding use for backpacking, the photos on the website (www,wildernesslitefloattubes.com) include a young man (age 16) in a Wood River Summer Breeze float tube that weighs ~4.5 pounds, which is heavier than the Backpacker Pro. This young man, his 14 year old friend, and their fathers (early 50’s at the time) carried tubes, waders, flippers, life jacket, net, water shoes, fly rods & reel, food, clothing, and shelter for a week (packs weighing 40-50 pounds) on a 40.7 mile round trip into a wilderness area to fish 6 lakes at 7,000 to 9,000 foot elevation. The hike began at 5,500 feet. We had previously used only waders when backpacking, but purchased Wood River tubes when we discovered them in 2002. They are no longer sold, but the Backpacker Pro from Wilderness Lite has recently become available as a replacement, fortunately. We’ve made similar trips annually for 12 years, and are planning to make 2 this year….including one with our daughters carrying Backpacker Pro’s. These tubes compress into a 9 liter stuff sack, and fit nicely inside an 80L expedition backpack…. we’re still backpacking with them including the same gear for 7 days, and we’re, unfortunately, really, really close to 60 years old. We just carry a bit more ibuprofen each year.
Note the Backpacker Pro is MADE IN THE USA!