First steelhead flies I've tied


Future WFF Mod
Will these catch steelhead and what should I do to improve them? They are supposed to be like a hobo Spey.


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yes they'll catch steelhead. Remember, the darn things eat pink worms and glowballs.

As for improvement, work on lessening the amount of thread at the head of the fly. With the Hobo Spey, mix in some Marabou at the top end of the fly so there's more movement.

Keep on tying!


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marabou a the best steelhead material that i know. gives a lot of live to any fly. they will work well. but yes the thread head it a big one not just for looks but if give lots of exposure for the fish to rip up the thread if you don't glue the entire head.
SteelHead Orange.JPG


Future WFF Mod
Those look good. The only thing I would suggest is turning the stinger hook the opposite direction of the eyes so it rides point up.
Nice ties.

Yeah I just realized this and the mono loops are too small to get the hook out. It's been a tough learning curve..