"Glass with Ass"

Dan Nelson

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Anybody had a chance to cast one of these along with a Butterstick?

Yes. Butterstick is a MUCH slower action rod than the Superfine Glass. I do like the Butterstick, too, but it is REALLY slow in comparison. still, when properly managed, the Butterstick does lay down a small dry more delicately than most rods I've cast -- the only thing close is the Orvis Superfine Touch.
Thanks Dan, sounds like I need to cast both. My two existing 3wt rods need a glass friend. I just can't imagine something smoother than my Sage LL 379

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Jay - Yes, I definitely have some favorites:

-- Anything from Mark Steffen, though even among his rods, the 8'0" 3/4, 5/6, and 6/7 are standouts, plus the 7'0" 5wt. The latter 3 rods are my go-to small stream streamer rods. You cannot lose with a Steffen.

-- Wojnicki 77P4 and 227P4 - expensive but incredible performers are nice to look at.

-- Larry Kenny 7'3" 3wt - The perfect small stream 3wt, but keep in mind that a 3wt in glass or cane has a step less power than a 3wt in graphite, so this rod is good only for dries #12 and smaller, and preferably in little to no wind.

-- Scott Fibertouch (the older black blank series) - For quicker glass, this is a great transition from graphite for a first-time glass rod user. I still have the 601 (rated a 1wt but I use a 3wt line on it) and the 703 (rated a 3wt but I use a 4wt line). Love them. I also like the new yellow Scott F2 653, but hated the 774 which I thought was too wimpy for a mid-length 4wt. The tip is just way too soft IMO...YMMV.

I just got a Swift Epic 8'6" 6wt that I've only lawn cast, but has great potential. I can't recommend it yet, but it's one to look at IMO. I also have the 580 on order now and should have it sometime in March.

Also good based on my own and others' recommendations: Anything from the black blank Diamondback Diamondglass series, the GREEN blank Cabelas CGR (not the brown CGT, which most people think sucks)...
That's quite a quiver full of glass!