Black lake

I was told that Black lake in Olympia the trout are not good eating because of sewage being dumped into the lake, is this true? thanks for any info

Scott Salzer

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What's your source? Doesn't make sense to this guy. where is this "sewage" coming from? If you have a problem, how bout C & R. I don't know of any treatment plants in the area, they are all down inthe bay.
well from what I heard and no I don't know who is talkin as I got this from my fishin buddy and he said, she said, ya know the rumor shit, but some people who live on the lake their sewage goes into the water. now if that was true wouldn't one think that the fish an game would shut it all down. I don't really believe all this crap but thought I would throw it out an see what anyone has heard. I want to fish this lake this yr as it's close to my place. yes I can C&R but I would like some good fish to eat. so there ya go an that's all I know. I told my buddy to tell this person their full of shit. lol
Septic drain fields are one thing . . .raw sewage? Seem pretty unlikely.

Septic systems and lawn fertilizer runoff on lakes drive algae blooms . . .as do turds from geese and other waterfowl. The wrong kind of algae can result in toxins making fish unsafe to eat.


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The young ones are raised on a fish formula of dog food. The older fish have had time to eat normal food from the lake and they get to wash that down with the sewage you speak about. Dont lose sleep over it, you have had alot worse in your mouth if you have ever ordered pizza or went to a fast food joint.


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I once fished a lake at 11,000 feet in the Sierra that had fat golden trout in it. The lake was a sonofabitch to get to and I doubt that it saw fishermen even once a year on average. The lake was full of freshwater shrimp that the trout gorged on. It appeared that we had discovered a real treasure with fat goldens at high altitude in brilliant pristine waters. Until we tasted the fish. They were just god awful tasting and couldn't be eaten. Bad tasting fish may have little or nothing to do with sewage but water and diet can make a huge difference.

If you see fish rising when there is no hatch and suspect they are leaping out of the water to escape the coliform bacteria-don't eat those fish.