Force Fins - Score!


"Chasing Riseforms"
Taking a break, my friend Ron and I drove to Cabelas yesterday. I'm not that big of a lake fisherman, but there isn't much else up in my neck of the woods. My friends have been and others on this forum say "you have to have Force Fins!" They are SO much better than regular fins. I have put this off for a LONG time now because I think they were overpriced. Well, I scored in the "BARGAIN CAVE" yesterday. I spotted a box with new Force Fins. Price marked was $150, but also had a "purple marking" with a "C", which meant "take an additional 20% off!" Well heck, I got a new pair of adjustables for $120.00! My years of waiting may have paid off. Now, to try them and see if you guys have been bs-ing me all these years… Anyway, I think I scored a good deal! I'm so cheap sometimes...

Rick Todd

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Larry, they are not just for still water! I wouldn't think of floating the Yakima or Methow without my Force Fins on! In fact I rarely touch my oars on a day of fishing those rivers! Rick