Winston B3x


I have the 7133 as well as the 8140 in the new BIII TH . They are remarkably lighter , faster and still maintain the Winston feel, castability and are great fishing rods.

I often will be down at the day on the river with Aaron Riemer in Fall City on Saturday. I would be happy to let you test drive one or both. Just let me know which Saturday and I will make certain I show up.



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I've spent some time with a 7133 in my hands. It is a cool rod, very much like the 7133 B2X with a noticeably stiffer tip section. I think it is a cool rod that is fun to fish with, I really liked the shrunken lower cork section as it seemed to fit my hand better. That being said, I won't replace my B2X with the B3TH rod.