Metallic Thread


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What are the deep dark secrets to whip finishing this stuff. Do you just have to do it looser than normal?
Did you mean to post this in the fly tying forum or am I missing something? I'm fairly new to rod building but have never whip finished any thread on the few rods I've built. But if you are wondering about hoe to add metallic trim wraps I'd do a google search and check YouTube, there are some good instructions out there.

Edit: never mind my comment or at least partially. I just dug around to learn about whip finishing in rod building. I guess I've been doing it without knowing what it's called. I guess that's how you learn when self taught. :). I just YouTubed it...a video by Anglers Envy show it being done real tight and the key seems to be pulling fast when whip finishing the metallic trim band.

Bert Kinghorn

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Metallic thread does not stretch the way traditional nylon rod wrapping thread does so it is a bit harder to "snug up." It is also much harder to get the tuck to hold firmly under the metallic wraps. You just don't get the same friction between the metallic threads that you get between nylon.

I have found that if I pull the tail of the metallic wraps under a few wraps of the adjacent nylon wraps (as well as the metallic wraps), I can make it as tight as I wish.