Time Change...time for a change

What should we do with the time changes?

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I for one would prefer we choose one (or maybe split the difference) and leave it...what say you? These changes do nothing but screw up folks sleep patterns.

Jim Ficklin

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I for one, have grown tired of pulling-out the vehicle/oven/other manuals & "springing-forward, falling back" each year. Selfish reason, I'll admit but that's my personal "want." On the plus side, my computer, phone, & TV perform that service for me & I thank them for that, lol. Hell, even tho I'm retired, I'm still up at 0300 every morning . . . but I never miss a sunrise & THAT has kick-started my day for many years.


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This may be an urban legend, but I have been told that the original switch to daylight savings back in the day was due to the Kingsford Charcoal lobby. More daylight in the evening = more people purchasing charcoal and firing up the BBQ....


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Change is hard. The older I get, the harder it is to change. But change is the only constant in the universe, so just because change is hard is no excuse for not dealing with it. There are eleventy other things more important to mess with than DST.

I kinda like the idea that, at least somewhere in my time zone, the sun is directly overhead at noon. After all, they don't call it a.m. and p.m. for nothing!

That said, I agree with others who don't think this rises to a sufficiently important problem to merit the attention of congress. Let's just be thankful that we don't live in China, where the entire country has to use the time that is sun time in Beijing. The country is spread across about 5 time zones and in far western China noon comes at about sunrise!


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Why let the little things bother you. Like was said, there are bigger problems in the world to worry about. From what I'm been reading about that there are two states that don't do this. Maybe you can move to one of them.


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Well, considering the other things that get changed (or proposed to be changed), this seems quite appropriate. Pick whichever option is best for fishing and let's be done with it.


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The sun does not honor daylight savings time, the earth's orbit is very predictable and we'd be better off if we didn't try to change it. We're just foolooing ourselves. It's stupid.
We in Arizona have decided not to participate. Only AZ and Hawaii do not observe DST. I works for me.
It does mess me up somewhat because now Mountain Standard (AZ) and PDT are the same.


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Daylight Savings Time results in an hour less daylight in the morning and an hour more daylight in the late afternoon/evening. So, I guess it all depends on whether one likes to fish before work or after work. When that was an issue, I preferred the latter. ;)