Cowlitz River

Anyone fish the Cowlitz River lately? Thinking about floating it Saturday. I know early in the season people were getting half a dozen steelhead hookups a day on the fly, but my boat was in the shop then.
last weekend I was there and left there with none. fish are running up towards the damn. which I heard people were catching there but we were down at blue creek. lots of bites and a women almost had one until her boyfriend grab the line at it snapped the line. It was about 11 or 12 lbs.

good luck,
Are there times and places to fly fish the Cowlitz from the bank with a fly rod? I went there once in the winter time to the Barrier Dam and it was so crowded that I couldn't find anywhere to fish. Also, I asked a guide about a fly fishing trip and he said with all the jet sleds and gear guysa that it would be very difficult to fly fish. Is it less crowded in the Spring and Summer? I would really like to give it a shot sometime, but I don't want to fight the crowds if possible. Thanks in advance for any info or advice.
I know quite a few guys that fly fish the Cowlitz on a regular basis. Most of them use two handed rods and fish just down from the boat launch at blue creek. Off the bank you can go either downstream or upstream of the boat ramp and do well. This spring I know a guy was doing very well below barrier with flies. I have drifed it many times for both steelhead and cut's and done well. Usually I just stay away from the guides and jet boats, because the water I want to fish is usually shallower than the water they are fishing.
I fished the Cowlitz in Sept. Awesome for Giant Caddis! I used a #12-14 yellow stimulator and target shooted under trees and brush.
My friend and I were in his john boat and went as far up the river he could from the boat launch, about 3 miles or so, and then he dragged a heavy chain on the river bottom to drift us at about 1-2 mph drift. I know, that kinda of dangerous, I'll probably never do that again with him. We did once get caught on some log or something, we had to cut the rope so that it didn't drag us to the bottom! :TSKTSK