SBS Christie's EasyPeasy USD Mayfly variation SBS


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Took some liberties with Roy's fly, subbing .5mm razor foam for the abdomen/thorax cover. From what I've read, the hooking problems with USD flies can be somewhat alleviated by off-setting the hook point and keeping the wing soft, sparse and somewhat forward.
Tied here in March Brown colors, change to suit your needs.

hook - Dai Riki 270 #12 (Roy uses longshank grub hooks, which I'm fresh out of)
thread - MFC 8/0 brown
tail - hackle fibers brown grizzly
rib - Gudebrod rod-winding thread brown
abdomen/thorax cover - .5mm foam tan
wing - Congo Hair white
thorax - dubbing tan
hackle brown grizzly

off-set point and add a little curve to the front of the hook shank

tie in thread and wrap back about halfway down hook bend

even up the tips of a few hackle fibers, measure for length (shank) and tie in

tie in ribbing

taper foam strip (1/2 gap width) and tie in

wrap foam forward and tie off (no need to glue the foam since it's going to be ribbed)

rib abdomen, tie off and pull foam back

take a sparse hank of Congo Hair and tie on underside (which is actually the topside on an upside-down fly) at 80% mark; a bit farther forward than normal, but, as noted, trying to improve the hooking

pull down (or up, depending on orientation - very confusing) and add a few posting wraps to gather the wing

tie in hackle

dub thread (sparse), dub thorax

wrap hackle through thorax, tie off and trim

pull the foam forward, splitting the hackle down the center stripe; tie off, trim, half hitch x 2, SHHAN

trim wing and have at it