Fighting Foam Torque


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There are times when torque is your friend - distributing deer/elk/pick-your-favorite-ungulate hair for wings/bodies, hackle fibers for tails/legs/beards, driving down the highway. When tying with foam, not so much; few things are more frustrating than watching the stuff spin around the hook, no matter how much thread you use (more just makes a bad situation worse), how hard you lean on the bobbin (you'll either cut the foam or pop the thread), or how much glue you use after the fact (Super Glue isn't much help if you've established a poor foundation).
Jay "Fishy" Fullum showed me (actually me and about 50 other folks at one of the Fly Shows) an easy way to anchor the foam (and save the spinning for deer hair) that adds maybe 5 seconds to the tying process; I can live with that.

cover the part of the shank where the foam's going with thread (bare shank bad)

taper foam strip to allow for neater tie-in

tie foam down at hook bend

pull foam up and brush a little Super Glue on shank

with foam still pulled back, advanced thread forward a bit

now take a wrap over the foam onto the shank

repeat 2 previous steps as far up the shank as needed

then return to bend, covering the foam with thread wraps and you're in business

It really helps to repeat this process when you're tying the business end off, as well.

Awesome, I have been trying to tie some of your foam ties you have posted recently and stuff wasn't coming out like it should. Have to get back to the vise and give this a shot again.


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A nice trick I started doing, is taking bees wax (from sewing/craft stores), cutting a small chuck off the bigger block, then rubbing it lightly on the bare hook shank, before I make my thread wraps. Excess wax will squeeze up between the thread wraps, touch it lightly and now the thread base becomes less slippery. It will keep materials from slipping as much.

Just an idea I started doing after watching Harry Lemire tie in hand.