SBS Carnage Stonefly 2.0 SBS


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One more time with the Carnage. No more heat-shrink tubing (limited availability in small sizes), no more foam on a waxed needle (fragile, 50% chance it doesn't even come off the needle properly). Looking through Shane Stalcup's (rip) Mayflies, Top to Bottom, I found a section on extended bodies where he used Zing Wing; broke out some Swiss Straw and Super Glue and had at it. Results seem to be what I'm looking for - durable, flexible and easy to mass produce underbodies that the foam easily sticks to. Tied here in skwala colors; change to suit your bug (you might want a thicker needle for goldens/salmonflies).

hook - Dai Riki 280 #10
thread - UTC 70 hopper yellow
body/head - 1mm foam olive
binder strip - foam
wing - elk hair
feelers/legs - rubber medium brown
indicator - 2mm foam yellow

coat needle with non-stick stuff (Mucilin used here)

start thread

cut a strip of Swiss Straw and tie in

wrap to point and back; tie off and brush body with Super Glue

while that's drying, taper a strip of foam

brush a little Super Glue on tip and take one wrap of foam

add feelers (optional), brush a little more glue on the foam and wrap body (closer wraps create more overlap/thickness for proper taper)

slide body off the needle

trim off excess Swiss Straw; poke a hole where you want the hook to go and slide it on debarbed hook

start thread; tie on binder strip

brush on Super Glue, push body forward, add a few more wraps of foam and tie off

clean, stack and measure (tip of body) a sparse clump of elk; tie in, trim butts

tie in foam strip (you want this a little wider than hook gap) on underside

pull foam back and advance thread to eye

poke a hole in foam at eye, pull up to expose eye and tie down

cross foam over head back to wing tie-in, pull foam back and tie down

add legs and indicator

whip, SHHAN, trim head and legs