Sage RPL in 10 foot 4 and 5 wt and TFO BVK 10 foot 4 and 5 wt

I have Sage RPls inthe above config in 3 pieces I like the rods but would prefer 4 piece and considering buying the BVK rods in same config as on a good deal here any thoughts on the TFO BVK or how would they compare to the RPLs any thoughts appreciatd as im not going to get to try before I buy and they are americam rods thought ye might have insight? The BVKs seem to get great reviews thanks in advance pat
The RPL series of Sage rods. ah yes they were designed perfectly for me. The 6100 was my favorite rod for Puget Sound Silvers. I never owned a 4100 but have always wanted to. If I ever get a shot at one I will probably buy it.

I've owned a 6100- a fun light Great Lakes Steelhead rod. I still own a 5100- this was a custom Sage for fishing larger rivers and it's a great rod. 5wt is a dream to fish and pairs well with a Mastery GPX WF5F in the textured series.
Not sure about the 10' rods but for 9' 6wt: I found the bvk to be more too flex than the rpl's deeper loading feel that really responds with good power.