Rusty Nail (Tying Video)


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Okay guys, this is one of those patterns that targets no specific natural but it is a day saver. In 2005 I was hosting a day of fishing on Tunkwa with Ron Thompson, owner of Kamloops Fly Shop and the chronies had been bustin' the surface strongly for 3-4 days and it was August, Bomber Blitz month. All the usual "who's who" of Kamloops were on the lake when Ron and myself rolled into the bay. It was obvious fairly early that it was not to be a banner day. It took barely an hour for the "experts" to leave the lake and Ron and I actually discussed this as an option but since we get together so rarely we decided to stick it out.

Over the next four or five hours we went through 20-30 pupa patterns with only a handful of fish to show for our efforts. I put on a size 10 Rusty Nail and let it sink to the bottom. After a couple casts with slow methodic retrieves, purely out of frustration, I gave the line a 2 foot "rip strip" and as it settled the indicator plunged and an 18" fish was brought to hand. Next cast, same results so I gave Ron an identical pattern and to make a long story short for the next three hours we had a fish a cast.

All the other frustrated anglers asked what we were using and I explained as well as I could what we were using and how we were retrieving but no luck for them. From that day on I always kept half a dozen in 3 or 4 different sizes in my box and they've come in handy from time to time. The key to this pattern is definitely Mirage Opal. I just didn't find the same success with Mirage Pearl. Enjoy....