April fly salon

Okay, since I was somewhat unofficially declared winner of the march salon, I'm starting April.

Since fly salon interest appears to be waning, I'm going to do a fly that us compulsive tiers can tie in our sleep, and that beginners can do as well.

The woolly bugger. Tie a fun one.

As added incentive, I will send the winner a half dozen of my entry.


This is the latest fly I have been tying for use on my local brackish lagoons. The body is hot orange UV polar chenille. It has earned me one giant hit in Big lagoon, which is really a victory considering how difficult this body of water is to fish


Saved by the buoyancy of citrus
Too quiet in here, have a foamback bugger. Throw it on a sink-tip and it'll bounce around, much like those foam dragonfly nymphs. But it's a wooly bugger. And it's pink.
Foamback bugger.jpg