Veevus tying thread


It's been well over a year that Hans put me on to Veevus thread and I've been using the product for the majority of the flies I tie. I primarily use size 12/0. I'm sold on the stuff.

I was using Benecchi but the thread is tough to find. Now that Hareline sells Veevus, it is available at the majority of fly shops or sites.

I can see no difference between Benecchi and Veevus... other than color options. Right now, the color range for Veevus is less than that of Benecchi but I've never been one to use a lot of different hews of thread so it doesn't matter to me.

So, I highly recommend Veevus thread. It is damned, tough, skinny thread.


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Gene, I'm not sold on it yet; seems too slick and rope-like (twists) for me. It' is strong though!! The color selection is improving. Check out Mitch's selection at Two Rivers Fly Shop; he's got quite a selection. :D
I tie exclusively with Veevus...well except BiG stuff that I use mono or Kevlar for. Veevus is awesome, consistent and strong! I can reef on 12/0 with little worry.


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Just started using a spool of the 16/0 for a few dries over the past seems to be stronger, though thicker and more textured (rope-like) than the Sheer 14/0 that normally handles those duties, and that estimation goes double with respect to Bennechi, which is even thinner than Sheer, though temperamental as far as breaking , withstanding hook point contact, etc.

So far, it seems like a decent thread, though I'm not sure I see it displacing my favored Sheer 14/0 for dries, or Uni 8/0 and 6/0 for streamers.


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By eyeball, the Veevus 12/0 black I got was the same size as the Uni 8/0 I already had. Could have been just the spool I got, but if that size comparison is consistent throughout their line, it OUGHT to be stronger than other manufacturers with the same size rating!

I know that isn't the only reason for picking a thread, but...

Also just saw that GH Fly Shop just got a bunch of Veevus in. Don't know what their plans are for it, but it's there.
I started tying with UNI thread and will do so for the next time.
The color variations are outstanding and with the 8/O and 6/O you can tie just everything. But also the UTC 70 and 140 is a nice thread for smoother bodies.



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Update: Since my last post, I've had the chance to tie a few dries with the Veevus 16/0 and while it's just as good as many others, it doesn't really have the break strength I need from a thread of its thickness for really cinching down on hair wings. It was just fine for some #16 parachutes but it doesn't appear to be up to the task of caddis, for me. For less bulk and more bite I can use Sheer 14/0.

That said, it's a great handling thread, so I'll surely find other uses for it...just not my dries. Small trout streamers, the few nymphs I tie each year, soft hackles, and non-hair flies larger than #14 should be just fine.