Swap Bass Swap?

Tie nine flies and get your own back. Due date is May 6th address is in PM

Scudley Deadhead Minnow Done
Patrick Gould Worm Received
David Dalan Crayfish Received
Irafly Out
Jersey Yarn Senko Received
Randall Clark Clouser Minnow Received
Ron Henry Stealth BombersReceived
Shawn West Arctic Fox Streamer Received
thesankers Deer Hair DiversReceived


Indi "Ira" Jones
Possibly, but to be honest with you one of my all time most productive bass flies has been a black leech pattern, which bares no resemblance to what is a typical "BASS" fly. When I fished in BASS tournaments in another life my best patterns were always smaller soft plastics.