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Mayfly meets millipede

hook - Mustad 94840 #12
thread - Uni 8/0 Iron Grey
rib - xsmall wire gold
tail - hackle dun
rear hackle - grizzly (undersize by 2)
abdomen - goose biot dyed grey
wing - mallard flank dyed wood duck
hackle - dun

mash barb, start thread at 70% mark

prep flank feather (trim out center stem at tip)

measure for length (hook shank); tie in, trim butts

pull wing up and prop with thread dam

divide and conquer

wrap back to point above barb; make a small thread bump

measure a clump of hackle fibers (hook shank); tie in, trim butts and smooth with thread

tie in rib

tie in moistened (damp paper towel in microwave for 15 seconds works great) biot notch side up; wrap forward to 60% mark and tie off

tie in hackle, wrap to back

capture tip with rib, then continue rib to front; tie off rib, trim hackle and rib

tie in hackle; wrap, tie off, SHHAN

March Brown version

Both of these are slimmer takes on the Ausable Bomber