Scadden Outlaw Assult Ultra-Lite

Does anyone have any experiences with this boat? How does it perform, moving water and still water? What does it cost? What are its specs? Do you like it?

Not as "Ultra-lite" but I'd put my money on it being a solid boat purchase is the Outcast Commander. I will not comment on the personal opinion I have that this boat is probably a more durable boat than the Assault Ultralite due to some extra weight/thicker PVC, etc. because it will ruffle feathers but I CAN say with confidence that you will more than likely have a better overall ownership experience with the Outcast products; they are known for exceptional service and warranty support (if needed).

Here's some video of it running some class 3 in the Chehalis (BC) Canyon, a canyon with lots of pool drop class 3 whitewater:

Another related video of the commander:

Official Outcast video on the Commander (9 minutes long):
James, if a closed bow design is what you are looking for, including it being "lightweight", you should check out the Waterstrider. It's a proven design as far as durability, craftmanship and how well it handles on lakes and rivers. !/2 the weight of the commander also, 17.5 lbs. bare boat and no bladders! However, I can't say with any confidence what you'll be happier with, for that book has yet to be written!


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Can you point me to the listing for the 17.5 lbs for the boat weight? I saw 38 lbs on their website. If is 17.5 lbs that is indeed light but still approximately 17% heavier than the weight listed for the ultra lite.

I have owned 2 of these and it clearly states 17.4 lbs. I am sure you can find it somewhere on the site. The toatal weight was listed at 27-28 on mine. They have 3 piece oars now, so that would be slightly heavier. I'm not sure about the Assault Ultra-Lite and if it is still in production. Give Dave and/or Derek a call at NFO, real easy to find out. PS. Waterstrider Dave Inks, the owner and someone this industry [ frameless rafts ] owes a lot to! He never wanted to build several styles to fit different tatses. He just built one style that, in his opinion and many others, is the perfect boat for lakes, rivers and expeditions.....and he has proven their worth by his own experience. A true gentleman that was years ahead of every one else, imho.
WOW! Remember to duck, the S... is about to fly! Let me be the first: why bother, can't fill the orders he already has, who makes those oars? What kind of straps to hold the frame? You think those welds will hold up? 3 Man? give me a break! :rolleyes:
Waterstrider: weight correction! I looked over the manual for the raft I have for sale and did not find evidence that it weighs 17.4 lbs. I can only surmise that I got that weight off of the website from the guy I bought it from and cannot verify it because he has closed his internet site due to illness. I did weight the raft [on a fairly accurate scale] last night. Raft with oars, backrest, stripping apron, mesh side pockets and 7 D-ring patches I installed: 22 lbs even. I think the oars are about 3 lbs so my 'guess' is close.