Best gun for elk and mule deer

If I were looking for another fireArm, I'd probably go for a new CZ in whatever caliber I needed. They've gained a good rep and are not unreasonable in price.
Right on there. Only criticism I would have, is that some of their wood is not the prettiest. Like that is all that important. But then again, some of their wood is gorgeous. Everybody I have heard from says the same thing. They shoot bug holes.

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Yeah, CZ is very well respected, and rightly so. But for my money, I'd get a 700. Also, with a used firearm, you don't know what the barrel history is. This is especially true with the 6 and 6.5mm groups. People here like to stuff too much powder into the things to get really flat-shooting bragging rights. This serves to burn out the barrels a LOT quicker. You get what you pay for. Another option is to look at Howa M1500, which is a Weatherby Vanguard action. A very nice gun, but with the Hogue overmolded stock, a little heavy; certainly heavier than a new Rem 700. I own both, and both were bought new. Either is an excellent firearm, but I'll take my 700 over the Howa.
I have always been a fan of Remington and the 700. Never owned one but lusted after them like crazy. That said, with all of the QC issues
with them and Marlin, over the last few years, I would be a bit reluctant to buy a new one. However, the new ownership of the company might turn that around. A fine old gun company. A good take apart inspection of a new model 700 might help in these circumstances.

Hot rounds will burn out a barrel right fast, for sure.


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You could do worse cost wise and performance wise than a Ruger American Rifle. For around $360 for a new rifle with adjustable trigger, free floating barrel, composite (drag around the woods) stock. Slap a decent 3x9 on it, add a sling, go to the range, sight it in for 100 yards...ready to go except the stalk and shot within range.

When you become a seasoned hunter and want something nicer (may be a way off after school, family, etc) you can always give it to one of your kids to hunt with.


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Ruger is a good choice for sure. I had a model 77 in 30.06 that grouped very wel; shot whitetails, muley's and a moose with it, all one shot kills. Had a Redfield 2-7 power on it, good set up.
Thanks for the advice Roper and Upton. When I was a teenager I had. Ruger Mark 3 in .270 win and I loved that gun. So I wouldn't min another Ruger and the prices you mentioned sound real appealing to me.


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Andrew for used guns DJs in Bothell has good selection but in the money you'd spend on gas you might go the new gun route. Both the Remington American and Savage Axis are great guns for the money.

I have had good experiences at Low Price Guns in Bellevue. You can order through their website and pick it up in their store for no shipping costs. I have bought guns at Cabelas but their prices tend to be higher than other stores so look for sales. Cabelas also has a great used gun selection.

I have heard good things about Federal Way Discount Guns (not to be confused with Discount Guns) but never shopped there. Some Fred Meyer stores have gun counters and their prices seem competitive, if you know someone that works there they often do a freinds and family discount coupon that is good on gun purchases.


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I have also heard excellent reviews (accuracy, trigger, etc.) on the Marlin XL7. Price is right around the Ruger American.


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Remington 700 all the way. You can customize that to what ever you want. New barell no prob... New cal no prob.. As long as it's the same bolt face.. New stock with box mag no big.... I like a 700:)
I have a Weatherby Mark V in .300 win mag I have been considering selling if your interested. I realize weatherby's are on the higher end of hunting rifles. This is a Fibermark composite (blued metal and composite stock) factory accumark muzzle brake. Very very small rub mark on the barrel about ⅔ the way up. Probably looking for $1100 or so, bases and rings included and probably 140 rounds of high quality .300 win mag hunting and match ammo

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I still swear by my 280 Ackley Improved. That's the 280 Remington (30.06 necked to 7mm bullets), with the shoulder moved and the case blown out straight.
It sends 7mm bullets at same speed or faster than the 7mm Rem Mag, burns less powder, kicks less, and gets smaller groups than 7mm Mag, or 30.06.

Mine is a 1938 Brno Czech Mauser action, rebarrelled by Kimber arms, with synth stock, scope mount, etc - Kimber was selling these for 199$

Have to also agree with everything Upton said above about accuracy. Practice with your rifle a lot before going out!
I still swear by my 280 Ackley Improved. That's the 280 Remington (30.06 necked to 7mm bullets), with the shoulder moved and the case blown out straight.
It's a shame Remington screwed up the original .280. Had it been loaded to similar pressure as the .270, it would have been the perfect cartridge in-between the .270 and .30-'06. And now there's some confusion over the original .280 AI wildcat (at least as it was most commonly spec'ed) and the newer SAAMI version. It seems the .280 just can't get no love.

It sends 7mm bullets at same speed or faster than the 7mm Rem Mag, burns less powder, kicks less
Are you referring to felt/perceived/peak recoil?