The Perfect Boat...


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We all know there is no perfect boat for all occasions.

But, if you could have JUST ONE BOAT for class-1 and 2 rivers, what would it be?

I'm starting to like the idea of a frameless rig at my old age.



Fishing with others or solo?

For multiple person floats, I'd probably stick with my 13' raft. But, would go for one of those frameless gizmos from the company I'm not fond of if I didn't have to deal with the company I'm not fond of. ;) They seem to make a decent frameless 2-3 person watercraft.

Reason I'd go with the frameless is strictly portability. Right now, trailering my raft isn't an issue but down the road may have some sort of RV and IF I HAD TO HAVE JUST ONE RIVER BOAT, that'd make the trailer obsolete.

If it was strictly a solo person fishing craft, my WM or an 11' Sotar cat with easily broken down frame.

Evan Virnoche

the ideal boat is one of my friends set up for what type of water we are fishing, and i dont have to pay for anything

Ed Call

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Solo Scadden Assault
Two seat cataraft on 12's
Three seat cataraft on 14's but seeking expansion to 16's

That's my one boat and other two boats. I have a salt water boat too.
I wonder which one is better for river fishing... the Scadden Assault or the Scadden Renegade? Too many boats to choose from these days...

I was in your boat a while back (pun intended). I can sympathize how difficult it is to track down that right boat. It will happen in time though. Your doing the right thing which is researching. My best advice is that since you are comparing two crafts from the same manufacturer, it would be wise to give them a call with that question as you will get a true objective answer.


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I know it's kinda old and flabby, but I still love my little Tote-N-Float. It was the precursor to the Watermaster or Scaddens open bow options. Only 23lbs when deflated and I can take it in the back of any car.