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Big E

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I'm headed out on a 9 day fishing trip. Need some ideas for dinner for 6 guys that are easy to make but a step above burgers, brats, etc. Steaks, ribs, chicken, fish already taken.

One night I'll be having bacon explosions, beans and biscuits.
Was thinking about shish kebabs or a crab boil.

Any other ideas?


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On most trips I have beef fried rice with either oyster or peanut sauce. The ingredients travel well and don't require a lot of special care. Rice can be cooked at home before you leave and last for days. In fact many Asian cooks keep rice for several days before they feel it is ready for fried rice. I usually fry rice that is about 3 days old. You can buy meat for stir fry packaged in the market but I prefer to buy petite sirloins and slice them myself. I marinate the meat in either rice wine or dry sherry, soy sauce, a few drops of sesame oil, garlic and pepper.

For the veges my favorites are red bell peppers, onions and celery. Sometimes carrots and often broccoli heads as well. Broccoli doesn't travel well though so I only use it at home. Cooking is done in a traditional steel wok. I usually start by scrambling an egg and cooking it like an omelet in the wok then take it out and cut it into small pieces. Next the meat gets cooked and pulled out, the veges go in and are cooked to al dente then pulled out. The rice goes in a really hot pan and should sizzle, gets heated and then the other ingredients are added back in and cooked for a few more seconds. Apply the sauce of your choice and if you have them top with thinly sliced green onions.

It takes about as long to do this as it does to type it. Most of the time is spent in prep and slicing and dicing. With 6 guys you should have at least 3 doing prep and once the egg is out of the pan it is merely minutes until hot food is on the table. The smell of Asian condiments is certainly different in a campground, the food is healthy, quick to prepare and just damned good.

Do a couple of dress rehearsals at home to get the hang of it and see how easy it really is.

Derek Young

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A couple of weeks ago during my Clark Fork/Blackfoot trip during the Rendezvous, I prepared a marinated pork chop dinner with asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes. I got the PC's from a butcher via a friend, and they were about the size of a dinner plate. 60% of it was fat, and they were about an inch thick. I marinated them in a Chipotle lime marinade for a couple days, and cooked them over coals in the dark with a headlamp. Must have been the clean Montana night air filled with the unmolested pure off-the-farm pig fat aroma, but as we started to eat the chops, with headlamps off, is where the recipe won it's place in the book.

As the knives and forks screeched like a cheap violin across our plates, it became clear that both of us had started eating from the fat side, not the meat. Every bite was like drinking a bacon margarita. Not sure how much of the actual pork chop meat was actually consumed.

You might consider it... ;)


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Brown hamburger in an iron skillet, drain, add a can of pork beans, some brown sugar, salt, pepper, tobasco and sharp cheddar. Quick, easy and filling camp meal. My wifes father calls it miners stew.

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I like to make a monster batch of spaghetti. I dont over cook the noodles, when i reheat the meal it doesn't become mush. I also marinade salmon and cook on fishing trips.
Anything from a crock pot, packed and ready to reheat is an easy meal.
If you want a gourmet treat bring some charcuterie; cured meats maybe some patte etc. Add some hatd cheeses ,olives,mustard and maybe some chutney followed with whatever crackers you like. Small pickles aka gerkins are nice as well. Oh yeah dont forget tge box of red wine, they make some good ones these days. Everything should pack up well. Enjoy.


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No offense Anchorman but that menu sounds a lot more appropriate for a Sunday Night Football game than a fishing trip. Some days we put in 12 or more hours on the water and we want food that is hot and heavy and lots of it and we want it now. No fooling around with itty bitty finger food like I was building the Eiffel Tower out of Leggo's. I'll give a 10-4 on the box of red wine though. :)


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The fried rice sounds like a good idea...maybe with a couple satay skewers on the side.

Charcuterie sounds more appropriate for lunch on the boat.

Any others?
I'm a big fan of easy one pot chow when outdoors, and this is a good one for a night/morning when you're fuck off tired and just want to chomp as it takes mere minutes to cook to completion.

My tips:
-pre grill the chicken, chop/macerate and leave in a ziplock

-use Costco pre shredded cheese for ease and cost, no one will care unless they're Hispanic and wanting mommas home made version

-pick up 2 jars of Safeway salsa in whatever flavor sounds good

-don't overcook the chips or you'll get a corn porridge.(which is awesome as left overs with eggs and more salsa and cheese in it, so it really doesn't matter.)

I cooked this recently at Orads house for 12 peeps iirc, and even with hang overs and all it took about 7-12 minutes to whip up.
A variation on Derek's dinner that is a favorite of mine is smoked pork chops. They are already cooked, so put them on the grill or over a fire long enough to heat through and get some good char marks and serve with cheese mashed potatoes and fresh asparagus. The chops are great with some chipotle sauce.

David Loy

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Hawaiian pizza. Don't get me wrong, I cook all the time and have for many years. But I've grown fond of picking up a large Hawaiian (or 2, as well as a cold beverage) on the road trip TO the destination. I bring gallon plastic bags and pack them in the cooler leaving the cardboard in a dumpster. Why Hawaiian you ask? Well, they're not greasy, contain all of the food groups, great cold or hot, for a quick snack anytime, even after too much fun at the fire, and I just like them. No muss, no fuss, no garbage or lost time. Pretty handy IMO, especially late at night on your way to bed.
Just a thought.
Love the pork chop idea, but my favorite marinade in 2 days in apple cider plus apple cider vinegar, a head of garlic, fresh sage, and onion.
Teriyaki chicken thighs are great. bake them in the oven until cooked then cool them. Reheat on the grill and add some char.
Big fan of asparagus on the grill with just evoo and s&p
Dutch oven scalloped potatoes with ham is a great easy hearty meal.
Stew is great, make it ahead of time, freeze it and pack in your cooler frozen. You'll need less ice and can reheat toward the end of the trip after it has thawed a bit.

Alex MacDonald

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Steak au poivre! Season the steaks with salt, sear them in a pan, add Worchestershire sauce, green peppercorns, and cream. The darker the sauce, the tangier. Takes less than 10 minutes.

I season the meat with Knorr beef bullion cubes, mashed into a bowl with a little olive oil rather than use straight salt.

Uncle Ben has a bunch of rice packets that don't require refrigeration, and when dropped into a pot of boiling water they cook up decently. I use one when I'm making my quick teriyaki pork and asparagus. Dice up the pork, fry in the pan, throw in chopped asparagus and some Yoshida Sauce, and when it's done, add the rice.

David Loy

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I'd like to see that.
I learned to fish with my dad, like most guys here probably. Except he didn't fly fish. However, maybe the biggest camping lesson I learned was food. Gosh we ate good. Low cal? Not even a concept.