Yale Lake

Any body out there ever fish Yale on the South Side of Helens. I am thinking about trying while I am in the area fishing some of the other smaller lakes in the area. It a big lake so I am unsure If I will even try but I am looking for ideas to see if it is worth the time any ways. :DUNNO
I have not fished Yale since the 70s. Back then it was a Rainbow and Kokanee lake. Mostly trolling deep. However, there was a long cove on the southwest end of the lake that held some fairly nice holdovers. There is also a good sized creek that dumps in at the head of that cove, it's called Souixon Creek. When it's open you can access it from Yale and it also held some nice trout. I go to Lake Merrill, I go right by Yale and in the past couple of years have seen more skiers and swimmers on Yale than fishermen. If you want good fly fishing Merrill is your better bet.
We fished Yale last night (5/23) and did fairly well. Yale is a big resevoir and is really only fishable with some type of boat/canoe. a float tube really wouldn't be pratical. We fished for 2 and a 1/2 hours last night and caught 13 kokanee - no real size to them though, the largest being only about 13 inches. Good luck :THUMBSUP
Merrill was one of the lakes I planed to fish over the long weekend though I planned to hit others durring the days that never happend. Gate for Merrill finally open Friday around noon an hour after I was on the water but at least I did not have to hike my kayak up the hill. Fishing was slow durring Fri and Sat. all though it was a little better Sun. I caught Browns. Cuts and a rainbow Sunday I was shocked to see the rainbow I thought they had not been there for a long time. In fact the lake has not been planted for 5 years from what I have been told and even then only Browns. I feel this lake proves that if managed for catch and release the fish will be there for many to enjoy istead of just one. None of the fish caught were over 14" and the smallest was around 9" but it was nice to catch 3 types of trout in one day. This lake is hard to fish when there is not a major hatch going on for the fish to key on. Over the weekend there was over 20 types of bugs on the surface and the fish seemed to keep switching what they wanted. Saw few other fish caught including the two kids using power bait that I warned that the lake was fly fishing only who left after I informed them, though they left very slowly. They left catching no fish this day. I would love to get advise for this lake sent to my email since I plan to fish it again a couple of more times this year. Maybe durring the Hex hatch again this year for one of the trips.