Why Am I Losing So Many Fish?


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I agree with Ford Fenders. This last week Iv'e been fishing for three days with lots of fish on, aggressive hits on leeches and other big flies, mostly with a fast retrieve. One evening I had hard bites almost every cast for a while but only really stuck a few. Others would hit hard and jump twice with 30 feet of line still in the water...not much hope on those. The next day I had a lot of hits where i would just have afeeling there might be a fish there, I would lift and it would be fish-on! I also had a few foul hooked as FF said. Just keep on keepin on and be happy for every fish you get.
Uh…that reminds me :rolleyes: about half the time the hook fell out of the mouths in the net, and only one gut hook out of about 20 to hand. Betcha that's a least partially it. They weren't short strikes. I do think the gear added to the problem though--I have a 2 wt. slime I line I just forgot to bring.
Let's see, 20 fish to net and 3:1 lost, whatcha complainin' about? sounds like a pretty good day!