WANTED: Fiberglass drift boat

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Your boat looks great but I am really looking for a 16' like the bench model that clackacraft makes but I wont refuse a hot deal. Thanks for the reply.

Hello. Go to: http://www.clacka.com/ and click on boat models, then click on red boat picture from right which is the used boats. Pretty good deals there. I got the 2001 wht/green WF at a GREAT DEAL in near new condition! Don't know why they haven't taken it off the listing though?
Good luck!

Peter ><>

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Are you still interested in selling your boat? Could you do it without experiencing severe withdrawals?

I'm looking for a low-sided boat to use strictly for flyfishing trout, so I had to follow-up on whether your boat is available.

Dean Ferrel
I am sure I will suffer some withdrawals...But yes...
A Baby is on the way.:) So $$ priorities are changing a bit.

I love this boat and am sure you would as well.
Sent me a direct email if your interested.

[email protected]
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