SFR- Anyone looking for a summer tennant/roommate/fishing partner?

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Gabriel Burgi

doesn't live in WA anymore :(
Greetings all...

Anyone interested in harboring a Vandal (UofI that is) for the summer? I am looking at possibly taking a summer job on the West side and a major decisive point in my acceptance is the possibility of somewhat cheap housing. Cheap is important here....The job is in Seattle.

And as for the fishing part of the post...if this job is feasible, I would need someone to show me the ropes on that side of the state. I am a responsible 26-year-old married dude who loves to fish. PM/E-mail or reply..your choice. Thanks for the read.

did you get a job there already? is it that PS trawler internship? good luck on finding a cheap place, i think the only hope is to find someone who will let you rent a room in their house or basement, because rent over there(especially in the city) is brutal. ive been shocked at some of the rent prices through my moving job. moved one dude from the darkest pit(studio apt) of tacoma with crankster neighbors and the sweet smell of crack cocaine in the air and he was paying $900/mth! how close to the city do you need to be? what months and for how long? i could ask my parents since we have extra rooms or my uncle who lives a few miles away(he's rented rooms before), how convenient would that be?
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