Halibut on the fly

Would be tough to pull off in WA with our short halibut seasons not really overlapping the salmon runs, but I've heard from family in AK that it's not as hard as one might think. And not by bullsh*t jigging with a fly rod either.

The 'butts will move onto shallow (up to 30' or so) sandbars and banks off the river mouths to ambush schools of salmon on the incoming tide. 12 or 14 wt, extra heavy coldwater sinking line, huge horse-herring flies and 300 yards of backing. No loop to loop connections.

We C & R'd two chicken halibut in around 50 ft of water off Wadda Island and south of Tatoosh last July gear fishing for kings. I'd say halibut on the fly is at least possible in WA, if not easy.

Jeff Dodd

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I have not seen Wolverine on the forum in quite some time, and that is too bad because he has a wealth of knowledge. He also lands a handful of halibut off the beach each year, on Whidbey.

I do know halibut will belly into the shallows in parts of Admiralty Bay. Requires tenacity and falls square in the middle of prime lake fishing and shrimp season. In addition, I am a professional grass cutter for the people on my street. I just have not made the time required to tackle this project, but thanks to Wolve4ine, I know it is possible!


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I use to spinner fish for Halibut in Mission Bay in the early evening right along the shoreline as a kid. That would put it around 1957. I'm guessing you could pick some up on a fly doing the same thing.


Halibut follow the food. A fishing friend hit one with his prop that was feeding on herring on the surface. He and his boatmates watched a 60-70lb halibut with a big propeller injury spiral back into the depths. They were in 250' of water off Neah Bay.

Find the bait and you just might find a 'but to take your fly.

For me, I'll be heading out on Thur and Friday with a big ol' octopus (or squid) on a 5/0 circle hook bouncing along the bottom to see if I can find one.

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