SBS Trina's Stimi Stone variation SBS


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Floatation should not be an issue. Golden stone shown here; change size and color to suit your local emergence.

hook - Dai Riki 280 #8
thread - UTC 140 tan
egg sac - 2mm foam black
body - 1mm foam tan
body hackle - ginger (undersize by 2)
rib - x-fine wire gold
wing - yearling elk
legs - medium rubber barred tan
thorax - Ice Dub golden brown
front hackle - grizzly

insert needle in vise, then black foam on the needle; start thread

fold foam forward; 2 soft loops (so the foam isn't cut), pull tight and create first segment

pull foam back, move thread forward on needle

create next segment; repeat, repeat, repeat, then cover with thread to create underbody

tie in tan foam, tie in rib

brush on a little Super Glue, then wrap body; tie off and trim

tie in hackle

wrap hackle to the back, capture tip with wire, rib body, tie off and trim; slide it off the needle

mash barb, mount hook, start thread

mount body on hook (extend back about shank length); a little Super Glue would be a good idea

clean, stack, measure (body length) a clump of elk; tie in, trim butts

add legs

tie in front hackle

dub thread, dub thorax

wrap hackle, tie off, trim, half hitch x 2, SHHAN

trim appendages