Southwestern Washington or Northwestern Oregon Rivers?

The family and I will be crossing the border (we're Canadian) and heading south to Cannon Beach third week of July-ish roughly. It's mostly a family trip to relax and all that. I'm wondering if there are any rivers in the Northwestern Oregon or Southwestern Washington that are pontoon-able that are worthwhile to take a look at? I'm kinda on the fence as to whether it's even worthwhile (we will be down there for 5 days however), but you can always look and check it out, and I always got rivers on my mind so...Also, would rivers be too low by then? Also, fishing prospects of course if there is anything, even trout?

Based on some map skimming the closed river to us would be the Nehalem if I'm not mistaken. Some searching suggests the North Fork of this river has some gnarly rapids (Jack, Queen, King, apparently class 4). Anyways, any direction for me to research is appreciated. Also, roughly how long of a drive do you think it would be from Cannon Beach to the Deschutes river?
The deschutes is 4 hrs or so from cannon beach. The north fork nehalem is not going to be worth the time as it's really a winter fishery. In general the north coast rivers don't offer much in the way of pontoon-able water at that time and the few summer steelhead fisheries are lackluster. The Clackamas and sandy in the pdx metro area would be the closest options. The siletz river could also be an option depending on the levels.

You'll be close enough to jetty fish, if that's of any interest let me know.
Thanks Beavis, maybe this Butthead will just take 'er easy and explore the area a bit to get a feel for what's down there river wise and then next time.....incorporate the Deschutes or others into a future Oregon Coast trip.