Montana Memorial Day Road Trip


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My buddy and I got 4 day Hall Passes for Memorial Day, so we hooked up my drift boat to his pickup and pop up camper for a weekend of fly fishing. With the run off occurring on most rivers, we took off towards the Missouri River with plans to fish some local ponds.

WFF 1.jpg
The first day, we camped below Hauser Dam and wade fished.
WFF 2.jpg
Since it was Friday, we had the place to ourselves, which is very unusual for this spot.
WFF 3.jpg
The weather was absolutely gorgeous, no W and about 65 degrees.
WFF 4.jpg
The midges were hatching, with the occasional fish rising to them.
WFF 5.jpg WFF 6.jpg
I caught about 8 real nice fish that day and managed to get a picture of this one.
WFF 7.jpg
After a great day of wade fishing, we moved on over to Craig, MT for a float down the Mo.
WFF 8.jpg
We launched a 5:30 am on Saturday, to beat the holiday crowd. We started hooking fish within 100 yards of boat ramp.
WFF 9.jpg
We caught a nice mix of rainbows and brown, along with this nice bow.
WFF 10.jpg
That afternoon, we drove over to an area that has some great Stillwater fishing. That evening, we did a little pre-scouting hike.
WFF 11.jpg
I started fishing around 7:00 am, and caught this one shortly there after.
WFF 12.jpg WFF 13.jpg WFF 14.jpg
I continued to have an excellent morning and despite setting my buddy up exactly as I was and even switching spots, he never caught a fish. I ended up hooking 10 and landing 8.
WFF 15.jpg
I have done very little Stillwater fishing in my life, but have to admit it was very relaxing.
WFF 16.jpg
The fish here were just amazing.
WFF 17.jpg
This could very well be my favorite fishing picture.
WFF 18.jpg
No wonder these fish were so big.
WFF 19.jpg
It was their mating season and they were all over the place squawking and carrying on.
WFF 21.jpg
The fishing remained good until late in the evening.
Tule Cross.jpg
I never fish or hunt without thanking the Big Man for my blessings. As I was staring around enjoying the sights and the sounds and reflecting on what a great day it was, this came floating by in the water.