Caddis Patterns

During spring runoff I enjoy fishing my local tailwater, the Bear River, below Oneida Dam. The flows and weather are ideal right now which is making for some great surface caddis action. My go to patterns are the Elk Hair Caddis (EHC) for the faster water, and the Henry's Fork Caddis and X-Caddis in the slower water for more selective trout. I absolutely love the EHC, and I do enjoy the satisfaction of tying a perfectly proportioned EHC, you could say its similar to the satisfaction you get when coloring within the lines. But I'm ready to color free hand and tie up a "new to me" fast water bushy caddis pattern. The only criteria I have is that I want it to be visible in low light conditions, bushy, float well in fast water, and fun to tie. So when I get home from work (yes I'm at work) I'm going straight to the bench to tie something up and I'll post my creation later tonight "if I remember." If anyone has any ideas or patterns they'd like to share with me and the entire internet community I'd be happy to see them!



P.S. anyone ever fish with a purple caddis pattern?
Thanks, guys. Just looking through the different patterns and the Butch looks like a pretty good option with the folded back hairs for added buoyancy. With the EHC I often submerge it while skating, and like the linked article for the Butch says "hackle is good at keeping a fly on the surface until it gets wet." So this pattern should work, and it looks fun to tie.

@Silvercreek: The top variation looks like the trusty stimulator, which I was also going to tie in #12&14. I was thinking about adding a underwing to it and some rubber legs for the hell of it.

@TE: I like the looks of it. Looks like it could be a good White Miller pattern on the Firehole right now. Any chance you got a side profile pic?