Hunting Film Tour in Lacey


Eyes to the sky...
The Backcountry Hunters and Anglers are putting on an event June 26th at the Lacey Community Center. Cool hunting films, 5 grand worth of prizes, $2 beers. Should be a good time. Tickets are $12, doors at 6, program starts at 7. I don't have the complete prize list yet, but one of the big items is a firearm from Kimber. Some of the other prizes are from First Lite, Kenektrek, Mystery Ranch, all super quality stuff. Going to raffle off a bunch of prizes, have some beers, watch some movies, and talk about conservation and hunting. Hope to see some WFF people there.
Not only do you guys have beautiful resources/outdoor opportunities but you have cool film tours that come through your neck of the woods as well. Wish I would have explored more out west when I was spending some time coming home from Alaska