Bloom on Pass yet...?

Scott Salzer

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Roper - you still have brats? If not I can pick up the brats / buns and condiments. The barby will be in the back.

Rick, too bad about that but it sounds like you'll have fun with the grandkids.

Islander - where are you?


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So as an east sider I would expect west side lakes to be cooler in the summer and fishable, and consider them as some place I could go in the summer, so whats this "bloom" on pass lake?

Would the idea of a summer trip there whenever I might find the time, be unrealistic?


Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
Okay, I will give my humbling report on Pass today. Got there at 0800, traveling from the south end by the SeaTac airport. Mr. Lockhart was already in the lake and easily identified by the side cast technique. Roper was rigging up and I would follow shortly.

I got one early and thought it would be a stellar day. Not to be. Hit the shore, threw some chronies, nada. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Mr. Lockhart in a casual, I don't give a darn attitude. I would see the bend in his rod and the glimpse of the net. Yep, another fish. As I travel towards him, I get this "There are a lot of fish in this area, I'll let you have it and I'll move down". A "reward" for my ineptitude. So, I step in, Roper wanders down, and nada. Over my shoulder I see Tim's net out again. So, I travel the shoreline, doing my best Mr. Lockhart imitation, nada. At this point, Roper and I have one to the net each, I don't even ask Tim (and, frankly, I don't want to know). So, what to do - lunch..... Head back to the launch, fire up the barby and cook up some mighty fine sweet pepper saugages, thanks to Roper. Had Stan, from Bellingham, join us for some conversation. A beer and some food in the belly, back to the lake.

So, I watched Tim from a distance, hmmmm, I can do that. Apparently not. Saw him bring a few more to the net. I managed two more after lunch. Roper and I called it quits about 1530. We left Tim to finish the day.

Apparently, Tim has a book out, "Stillwater Strategies" ( of which I have a signed copy), that I should probably read again AND put the suggestion to practice.

All kidding aside, I always enjoy company with good friends on any body of water. Roper & Tim, thanks for the nice Father's Day outing.

I'll sign off now, I got some reading to do.

Scott you're killin' me. Silly me thinking I could catch a break without Ive around. Father's Day was like a mini version of the fling, complete w/ good food, good beer and great company. Oh, except Scott's BBQ saw action this time. Really enjoyed as always. (Roper you secretly wish you could cast like that...ok it's bad)

Stan, glad you happened up. Hope to cross paths again. Give us a shout if you're on here..


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Scott hit the proverbial nail on the head. The only consolation for few fish is that the one I caught was good sized and thick and bright. I'm not used to those shiny rainbows after fishing mostly brook trout lately.:rolleyes:

Company was great as always, tho' some of the usual members were missing...I heard one has been tied up.:eek: A hot lunch and a cold one to chase it down makes one forget the off and on drizzle of the day. The sun tried really hard to come out but only for a few moments.

I think I may know what I was doing wrong and will have to try better at Tim's techniques and see if I can get my count up a bit.

I had warm cornbread and hot homemade chicken soup waiting for me when I got home, all in all a great Fathers Day.


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Scott, two words: crawdad scent. Haven't you noticed how secretive Tim is on the water? If the word ever got out that he was preening his feathers with crustacean oil...........:)

Glad you guys had a good Fathers Day. I had crappie fish and chips and hoisted a Sierra Nevada Torpedo in your honor.