Dragonfly XT Assult Craft for one

Hey WFF community,

I was wondering if anyone owned a Scadden Dragonfly XT Assault and how they felt it might do as a solo boat. I'm interested in something I can fish from as a solo rig as well as with a buddy. It looks like it would work fine in the capacity but was wondering if anyone had paddled this boat enough to have an opinion. I was considering a Water Master Kodiak but then came across this design and have hesitated a bit. Thoughts on the set up? Also how would a boat like this do with being broken down and reinflated every trip? I don't have a truck so I'd either need to tie the boat atop the Subie or deflate/inflate each trip (Which I'm not opposed to).


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It would be just fine as one person or two and possibility for possible 3. They can take being deflated and rolled up every trip. I have been doing it with the Assault for 3 years now with no issues. The X5's are going on 10 years old and they are stored deflated 10 months out of the year.
I ordered one of these. I'll let you know when I get it how it is.
I ordered the one man version. I have a Scadden frame I will cut down to fit.
I needed a lake and river boat that was very compact as I tow a travel trailer.
Also wanted a boat I could fly with as well.
The sup floor had really piqued my interest as well.
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Hi Blue.
I thought there was only one size?
They just come in diff configurations?
One man, two man (soft seats) and two man framed.
Does the floor fold and roll up as well?
How compact is the boat deflated and how much does it weigh roughly without the frame?


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Technically there is right now. 2015 has the Dragonfly XL (extra large) which is the Drifter with a frame. It is a three or four person.
The floor does roll up.
I am not sure on the weight but guessing around 50 or 60 lbs. max. This is the 14' Drifter which weighs total with boxes around 90lbs

The whole Drifter with three boxes, three seats, oars, a new pump and oars for another boat allo fit in the back of my Grand Vitara

The floor weighs maybe 25 lbs and the boat 50 or more, then boxes (which can be folded flat by removing middle) and seats. I was able to move it easy.
Also, you want to soft inflate the boat, then add the floor. Fill the floor full then finish the boat.
So cool.
Thanks for taking the time to snap the pics!
I get it now. I didn't know there was an XL. The XT is the perfect size for me and occasionally my daughter.
So great to see what it looks like broken down.
Thanks again.
First off just want to thank the boys at Trout Waters in Kelowna (Canada retailer) for hooking me up with the Boat.
Ordered it with Nick and completed the purchase as well as delivered to the Lower Mainland by Savas.
How's that for customer service and timing?

I was looking for a boat that I could use on lakes while hauling around my travel trailer.
Also it will serve double duty as a river boat to boot.

I first saw this boat while googling the Assault XX. I really like this boat for my needs over the Assault XX as my daughter can fish in the boat with me. It has the new drop stitch SUP floor which when inflated is a hard floor and keeps your feet dry even in the self bailing raft.

I was lucky enough to find an Assault XXX frame for a trade and now comes the fun part. Making it fit. Haha.
Should be easy enough from what I've seen from putting it together.
I also have the pedestal seat brackets to work with the floor. Will be nice for lakes.
Now to work on a transom for the electric motor.

The nice thing with the frame is that the seat that came with the boat will be for a second person if I need it while floating.

It fits in my old wheeled goalie bag. Not as light as the assault boats due to the drop stitch floor. I think it's still under the 50lbs if I fly anywhere which was also a concern.

I was looking high and low for pics of the floor deflated to get an idea of size but could not find one. So I thought I'd provide one for others to see.

Anyhoo, here are the pics.



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Looking good. My friend that has this boat tried his frame from his Avenger ( I was unaware of a frame for the Assault XXX. I didn't know any of the Assaults had frames except the Dragonfly and Drifter) His is the X7 frame which looks like yours. It was too wide as well. My X5 frame fit well.
He ended up ordering the frame also because of the motor mount and Anchor system it comes with.
What do you have planned for the standing deck you have on the front seat?
Haha. I was just resting it on the front seat checking the frame out. You are probably right Blue about the frame being an Avenger frame. It looks do-able and shouldn't be hard to modify to fit.


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Heck no, just cut a little off the two cross square tubing under the seat. What did you get that frame for $?
One other issue to think about, you will be sitting IN the boat. Lower than the box seat. Might not be all that comfortable. The Dragonfly Frame is flat and sits ON the toons. Comfortable on the legs for rowing. I went with the low back for the rower on the Drifter.
Thanks for that pic Blue. I traded a fly reel that I hadn't used for a few years. Good trade for both of us I figured.
I agree it will only take a few inches of cutting on 4 bars to make it work.
I have 4" pedestals I can use to raise me up as well. Should be good.
Also if i needed to really dig in while rowing, I can use the pegs for bracing.