Fiberglass on the Cedar

Started out early well atleast for me, 8am, just drove and picked a spot. Have not fished the Cedar in long time, so it feels new to me and I love that feeling not knowing what the day will bring.

Walked off the hill, started with a nymph fishing the riffles and worked my way down stream. Found what looked like good holding spots but nothing. Finally got far enough down stream to be able to cross and then walk back up stream. Fished my way upstream to a great looking spot, saw a couple small guys jumping at some dries so I switched.

First cast and got a little trouser trout about 5", then another, then...nothing, so moved further upstream. Each hole looked better and better. Found the honey hole, well I thought so I switched back to a 12 pheasant tail, heavily weighted, looked like a big ball of pheasant on a hook.

First cast right behind a rock and bam! Quick run down stream and everything came back. Got the adrenaline pumping through the vanes. Walked 20 yards upstream and worked my way back down. Within the 20 yards landed 2 beautiful 14"ers.

Gave that spot a break and walked upstream some more. Found beautiful little pocket and took my cast. Drifted about 10 feet and thought I was hung up on the tree limb, gently lifted the rod and felt the gentle tug and all hell broke loose. Trout ran upstream then down, jumped twice, thought I had a summer steelhead on! He ran down stream in front of me and looked like my 14 inchers were sardines, turned back upstream and got me caught under the snag and broke me off. I would say it was around 18" and fat as can be.

I was able to hook 2 other 14"ers and release. All and all a great day with my Wright & McGill Denco 8'er and the old Hardy Princess. Feels great to get back to my days when I first started with this equipment, love going back in time.

Thank you for allowing me to bring sexy back!



Thanks William for allowing me to live vicariously through your great day. I was looking at real estate with the Boss and thinking what a great day to be on the water with a sweet rod. Don't have anymore fiberglass but one last cane rod begging to be fished.
Thanks Steve,

My brother was to go with me today but he screwed up his back...OLD AGE! Sorry bro had to. But we are going on Monday again. Have to venture around some more, never had fished this spot and it turned out great. My brother is more into fiberglass than me but I am getting back into it a lot.

My grandpa just gave me this old Wright & Mcgill 8ft 7wt fiberglass. It's a real different fell from ur typical graphite rod!

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This is for me, there are a lot of fisherman that say they like the slower casting stroke, as that does work for me too. But for me it is what it feels like to have a fish on a fiberglass rod or even a bamboo. There is nothing like it. I just love that feeling with a fish on, whether 5in or 20in, just awesome.
By the way this is the last time my brother and I will be able to fish together, as he is moving out of State the 27th. So we are going Monday. If there is anyone that would love to fish with the Wallace brothers or meet up with us we will be on the Cedar. We can make a time or we will post the car we will be in and at what time we will be there.
Sorry I couldn't be there to day but back or no back, Monday it will be. Freedom!!!!!!!!!
As my brother says, if you want to play hooky from work and come fish more the better. we are meeting at 6am in Renton and then heading upstream.

This will be my last fishing trip and then I move on the 27th to Chesterton Indiana.

I have been thinking of taking my Cabelas 50TH Anniversary 4WT to that river, but if I hook a large fish I will definitely be under gunned. It's a real noodle of a rod..
Yep same with us. Nothing, we tried dries and nymphs, went through my box and well.....had an awesome time with my brother. If ya saw a white excursion it was us or well me and brother was close by.

Tried a few spots but no, nothing, nodda!

Normally I do that! Just ask my brother, if it was 80 out it is not bad, but yesterday well I totally understand.

Best thing of it was you came home and with rod still in hand. Maybe a little wet and not a post in lost in found...Lost rod on Cedar!

I don't know about you, but I have a pair of korker's wading boots with felt soles in them right now and for me I dislike them. I have slipped so many times, not sure if it is because the felt doesn't go all the way to the outer edge of sole or what. I have an old pair of another brand, all felt bottom, the soles may have same amount of felt, (actually little less now that I just looked) and I do not slip or fall in with those. They are just to small (tight) with waders, so I use them when I don't wear waders in summer.

The felt pads are newer, but not sure do to the exposed rubber sole part around the felt is causing me to slip. Felt does extend beyond the sole, so when walking I am on felt not rubber, so I think it is time for new wading boots with all felt bottoms and just put the lug sole on these and use for muddy sandy areas.

Wish I could get out again, but I am getting house ready to move on the 27th this month to Chesterton Indiana. So, now all my post will be back about Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois areas.