Naches River?

Has anyone fished the lower parts of the Naches river? I have to be in Yakima for about a week for work and I would love to fish after work every night. I see plenty of info on the upper part but nothing for the lower. Any info would be appreciated.


I hope she likes whitefish
The lower isn't as good for walking and wading as most of it is on private property between Yakima and Naches. If you go along the Greenway path that parallels highway 12 in Yakima, there are some access spots. About the lowest I typically fish is from the Tieton/Naches confluence down into the town of Naches in summer. Fishing is MUCH better and easier access up higher.
The lower part offers pretty good fishing. Finding access can be a challenge but its nothing to bad. The lower Naches is the place I learned to fly fish and I spent many hours there. The important thing is that early in the season it is generally turbid due to the Tietons silty grey flow so I don't fish it early on. There are less Cutthroat in that stretch but the ones that I've found are generally very nice. Far more rainbows. I generally fish simple double nymph rigs or dry attractors and terrestrials.
Thanks for the info everyone. I'm heading down there this sunday and staying through the 4th so I will have plenty of time to explore.