I am looking to see if anyone here would happen to have a Scadden "NFO" foot rest they are willing to part with. I am looking for the old style which used small "S" clips to attach to the pontoon. I need one for my Escape Pontoon.

Here is a picture of what I am looking for..



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It looks like it is just a piece of pipe with some drilled holes and a couple of quick links. Or do you mean the glue-on D-ring/snap thingy? If the former, it would be easy enough to build one if you provided the dimensions of the pipe.


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All I have is a bar with two metal spikes on each end to slide into the holes. I need to buy some of those s clips, probably be better also given my height. Thanks for the link freestone
I replaced one on my boat with a web shoulder strap from an old computer case found at Goodwill. Lightweight, adjustable, strong, and no sharp edges.
#8 James, if you would like to go with this style, i would be happy to make one up for you. I just need to know the measurement from the inside of the pads.

Thank you for the offer but I am in able to measure the distance of the pads because I purchased the pontoon as I was leaving home and heading back to Korea. There is a brand new NFO Escape slightly filled in my garage that may not be used till October 2015. What a bummer..... Maybe I will be able to convince the wife to take it out and test it for me.
You need to have the raft completely filled to get an accurate measurement. I ended up using just a single strap and just doubled the ends. I sewed one end and then Gorilla taped the other end until I was happy with the length. I will do the same for you and save your wife the trouble. I have left over webbing, i just need to buy the clips. It really is more comfortable and lot's easier to take off and put back on. It's easy to do...just buy the 'sewing awl' from "". About $12.00 and comes with a lot of thread and instructions. I modified or built straps for everything on my Renegade, Waterstrider, SFC and camping gear. That's just a heads-up for anybody that likes the idea and wants to customize their own.
James, I just noticed you posted this in the 'classifieds' and received some great help. Send me a PM when you decide which way you want to go.


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That picture looks like my Husbands. You can get the S clips at any hardware store along with chain but I do recommend using washers at the rubber mount on the boat as it is rubber and the metal clip will cut into it.
We ended up attaching an Eye Bolt into the rubber mount and clipping the foot bar to that.