Hebgen Lake Callibaetis


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Just curious to know if anyone here has any experiences fishing the callibaetis hatch at Hebgen Lake and could offer some suggestions or insights on how to fish it? My primary experience of fishing this particular hatch has been at Chopaka, but I realize callibeatis emergences are not all the same in respect to the size/color of the duns and the trout's preference for one stage vs another (though I realize that this can vary from fish to fish)... For example, spinners at Chopaka have rarely been important, but the 'emerger" or transitional phase from nymph to adult has often been more effective to imitate than the duns while at other times the trout were clearly keyed in on the adults. On this forum Preston has offered some great insights on fishing the callibaetis hatch at Chopaka (and patterns as well) which has proved very helpful and instructive... was hoping someone could offer something similar as I plan my trip to fish Hebgen Lake August 8-10... Thanks.

Rod Wittner

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I think a phone call to Blue Ribbon Flies, or any of the fly shops in West Yellowstone for that matter, could answer your questions. I subscribe to the BRF weekly newsletter, it is well written and very informational. I just googled hebgen lake callibaetis hatch..... I believe you will find what you are looking for. ;)


Indi "Ira" Jones
If you are planning to fish Hebgen just to fish that Mayfly hatch then I can't help you. If you want to fish the lake just to catch fish then I can help you. Let me know.

zen leecher aka bill w

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Last month when I camped at Campfire Lodge, roughly at the base of the Hebgen dam I met a guy who camps there for 3 months just to fish chronies. He drags his 20' Lund there to have a safe spot to fish if it gets windy. His flies were a tad bulkier than what we use here in WA state.
I fished it last year, 2nd week of July. Go to Bob Jacklin's Fly Shop. Buy some of his flies (they work) and get some location tips from him. He's fun to talk to. It's a tricky--but rewarding--waiting, spotting, stalking game. We did it out of a driftboat. There were some guys doing it on foot with some success too. You will want a long leader. 12-15 foot.

Gulpers, man, what a kick in the pants.

Additionally, you may want to hit up Irafly for some other ideas. I wish we had known what else to do when they weren't gulping the callibaetis. I tried soaking mids with no luck. Likely was not in the right area for that. I think the two food sources may not overlap that much in terms of targeting with fly rods in that big ol' lake.


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Thanks guys for the input... I will definitely stop by Jacklins and BRF when I am there in town for some information. And yes Ira, I would appreciate some help from you on fishing the lake beyond just the callibaetis hatch...

Ed I

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I've fished Hebgan since the mid 80's. Sparkle Duns and Parachute Adams have been go to flies. Have some nymphs and emergers to throw off bend if needed. I like the So Fork Madison Arm best, Rambaugh Bay and Cherry CK. The Madison Arm is also very popular. You can also catch a Trico hatch early morning there. I'm partial to Blue Ribbon Flies, they fish it. You will be hitting the peak in Aug. The wind is the enemy